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EARLY ELVIS - 4 Rotating Scenes

Company:  Checks In The Mail

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ELVIS - 4 Rotating Scenes

Company:  Checks In The Mail

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ELVIS IS - 4 Rotating Scenes

Company:  Checks In The Mail

Use coupon code GET2 and save $2 off checks and labels!

Stylize Your Checkbook with Elvis Checks

If you find yourself writing a lot of personal checks with plain check designs, and you're a fan of Elvis, then Elvis personal checks might be the thing for you. Now, you can take the King with you wherever you go.

Elvis Aaron Presley is still the King of Rock and Roll. He has sold over one billion records worldwide, even though he never toured outside of the United States. Within the United States, he has received gold, platinum, and even multi-platinum awards for more than 111 different albums.

Elvis continues to be the most recognized name in music history. He still sells millions of memorabilia, CDs, and movies today.

Even today, thirty years after his death, Elvis is still a worldwide phenomenon. Some of his most devoted fans were not even born during his lifetime. Today, Graceland, his home, is the second most visited house in the United States. The White House is the first.

Elvis is perhaps one of the biggest examples of the "American Dream" and continues to inspire people today. Born and raised in a lower class household, Elvis did not grow up in a privileged lifestyle. During his rise to fame, he never forgot his humble beginnings and often helped people out financially that he didn't even know once he became famous.

Although Elvis is known for his charisma and striking good looks, he was also responsible for influencing many different types of music. Elvis incorporated gospel, rockabilly, blues, and country music into his music. This helped to create and have some bearing on modern day rock, country, R & B, and even rap.

Since Elvis is known virtually worldwide, he is also a common icon that unites many diverse countries and cultures. Items that bear his image are easily identifiable. You can go all over the world and begin humming "Heartbreak Hotel" or "Suspicious Minds" and most people will recognize the tune.

If you are a true Elvis fan, you should definitely consider purchasing Elvis checks. Not only are they stylish, and more interesting than plain white boring checks, but they are also a good tribute to the King.

There are many different kinds of Elvis Presley checks available. There is pretty much an image for every fan. A quick search on the Internet will yield checks with the following: Hawaiian Elvis, GI Elvis, '68 Comeback Special Elvis, and even images from some of his most famous movies.

In the past, it has sometimes been expensive to purchase personalized checks from the bank. Now, it doesn't have to be so. If you go online you can sometimes order personalized checks that are as much as 50% off of what you would pay at your bank.

In addition to ordering checks online, you can also order duplicate checks, which keep a carbon copy of your checks as you write them, as well as checkbook covers. It generally takes about 2-3 days for delivery, which is pretty much the same amount of time that you would wait if you ordered them from your bank.

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